Huisartsen Binnenstad Family Doctors City Center

New patients

The practice is open for new patients if residential in the postal area 3511, 3512, 3513 (east of Oudenoord), 3514 and 3515. If you want to register as a new patient, please fill out the registration form and call for an intake appointment at (030) 233 38 88. If you are just visiting Utrecht (non-resident) and you are in need of medical care, you can also contact to make an appointment. In that case you will have to pay for the consultation directly, and will receive a receit.


Opening hours

Monday-Friday: 08:00 – 17:00 - Telephone: (030) 233 38 88



Emergency 08:00 - 17:00  (030) 233 38 88 – choose 1
Out of Hours: 088 – 130 96 70
(Huisartsenpost (Burgemeester Fockema Andrealaan 60, Utrecht - Call first.))
Life threatening emergencies: call 112



You can call for an appointment from 08:00 - 12:00, tel (030) 233 38 88


Home visits

In case you need a doctor, but you are not able to come to the office for medical reasons, the doctor can do a house call. If you would like the doctor to make a home visit, please consult the assistant before 10:30 in the morning.


Consultation by telephone

When you would like to discuss a problem with the doctor by telephone (e.g. for lab results), you can let the assistant know before 12:00. The doctor will call you back (usually between 12:00 and 14:00).


Refills (repeat prescriptions)

There are several ways to get a refill on your regular medication.
• Online (also see ''Herhaalrecepten'', fill in the form and send it to us.
• By calling the "prescription-line" 030-233 38 88 (choose 2).
If you are requesting the recipe before noon, you can pick up your medication at the pharmacy of your choice the next day.


More information about healthcare in The Netherlands

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